Alessi Tea and Coffee Towers

Alessi Tea and Coffee Towers

Tea set in sterling silver, produced in a limited series of 99 pieces by Alessi as part of their second experiment to have reknown architects designing a tea set. Presented at the Milan Triennale in 2003. A contemporary tea-caddy: a tray containing six different table architectures. Project elaborated while working for Will Alsop.

Hazel Coffee Cup Alessi

Hazel coffee cup

Designed by Federico Grazzini and Will Asop and produced by Alessi since 2008. Under the cup with the twisted handle, a little surprise: a small hidden complimentary shot glass for milk, grappa, brandy or Sambuca. Realised in fine bone china. Manufactured and sold by Alessi.  

Stainless steel coffee spoon for Alessi

Coffee spoon

“The sun is mirrored even in a coffee spoon. In their aggregate, the humble objects […] have shaken our mode of living to its very roots. Modest things of daily life, they accumulate into forces acting upon whoever moves within the orbit of our civilisation.” (Sigfried Giedion, Mechanization Takes Command, 1948) A coffee spoon in…

GRIND salt/ pepper/ spices grinder

The new salt/pepper/spices grinder designed by Will Alsop and FG and produced by Alessi is officially released in October 2017. Die-cast aluminum body, food-grade polypropylene reservoir, the grinder is available in two finishes: aluminium and matt black. Its most innovative and interesting characteristic is that it doesn’t leave any crumbs or residue on the tablecloth…