Daytimer wrist watch

Daytimer, produced in 2008 with a licensing operation by Alessi and Seiko Japan, is a wrist watch with OLED display and soft polyurethane body. It’s available in black, red, green, purple and white.

The concept arises out of the assumption that the wristwatch is barely a necessity today, therefore this falls more into the category of bracelets and body decoration.

The “faceted rock” form is smart, adaptable and docile. It encases its technological core with an ironic and spontaneous attitude.
Although apparently clumsy, Daytimer wraps complacently around the wearer’s wrist, presenting the owner with its display, its OLED screen conveniently tilted towards its owner.
Daytimer wants to be looked at by its wearer, although it will inevitably attract the attention of others. Daytimer polygonises a human wrist, an alien object that loves humans and it wants to be close to them. Or on them.


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